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For having fun with your friends, it is not a limo, it is a limo party bus that you need! has the most reliable party bus service in New Jersey to support your party. We are ready to help you and your entourage to make great memories together.

Our big party bus can cater for up to 30 passengers. That means you can gather 2 dozens of people in such a nice place! The party does not start in bars or restaurants, it starts on our party bus. The moment you get on the vehicle, the music will be turned on, and you can start to dance.

Our unique Hummer Transformer Party Bus will make an irreplaceable statement: amazing, wonderful, luxurious, awesome, cool. More or less, these are what other people will say when you arrive at the venue. Perhaps you ever saw this luxury thing flashing around your city. It is now your turn to make your day and night with your friends.

Experience the incredible city tour in New Jersey. The luxurious ride with your party is the indeed precious moment that you want to treasure for the rest of your life. Well, to make sure you succeed in it, we equip our vehicles with fiber optics, disco, laser show, sound system, HD TV, and more features to perfect the place. We are also flexible in configuring our services. In short, we are able to support any event from a wedding, nights out, bachelor, bachelorette, birthday, sweet 17, and many other events which you think that needs a statement.

Our services prove that trend in riding limo has never stopped. State of the art amenities and comfortable seating, traveling has never been this excellent. If you make your choice in stretch, you will have everything you need and expect.

This special transportation will make you as the most important person in town. It will complement your occasion. Not to mention that our chauffeurs will drive you to destination and home safely. Since it is a rare experience, make sure you choose the right service, a service which is provided by stretch

Besides style and comfort, the other great advantages of riding in our hummer limo are the privacy that it gives. All kind of actions and riots inside the limo are enjoyed by you and your party. No one else.

We will make it so spectacular for you!



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