What You Would Ask before Hiring Stretch Limo

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What You Would Ask before Hiring Stretch Limo

January 9, 2019 / 0 Comments / 8 /
Hiring Stretch Limo
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If it is your first time, or perhaps you still don’t know how to find the best stretch limousine service NJ for the upcoming special event, you come in the right place. Normally, you will remove your doubt if you have no question left about the service. So, the best way to find the suitable service is by asking a few questions to the pink limo NJ provider. Here are some ideas that you can ask them.

The limo company and staff credentials

The trustworthy and reliable company should have no problem in providing the credentials information for their clients. You can hire any vehicle you want. But when you hire a new kid on the block who does not have the credibility, it will not come good for you.

Is there any insurance?

Although the limo company ensures the safety for you and your companions, you know that mishaps can still happen. Just like in other types of transportations, there’s a risk. You will want the insurance to cover the loss if you experience it.

How do they charge

You will want to know how the stretch limo NJ company charges you. Consider the package details and hidden fees, or any other expenses. A good company should be transparent about this.
Drinking rules

Not all limo providers allow their clients to drink on the vehicle. Refreshments are always offered. But alcohols are more exclusive. Perhaps the limo company allows you to drink, but not to be drunk and making a scene.
The passengers limit

You will want to know the limit set by the company. It is a fact that everyone must know. Although different companies have the same limo models, they could have different rules of the maximum capacity. If necessary, also ask if you are allowed to bring luggage, pets, or other stuff.
Personalizing the interior and amenities

Perhaps you want to personalize the interior to match with the event. In this case, you might need to spend more. Redecorating can be a hefty premise. But instead of redecorating, you might want to personalize the feature or amenities of the limos in NJ. A good company should be open to the discussion.

The vehicles permits

It will be a fatal mistake if a company uses the illegal vehicle on road. The vehicles must be legal on the road to prevent you from getting scammed. The company which cannot convince you that their vehicles are compliant with the laws, you must avoid them. The best bet to know this for sure is by coming to their office and check the registration by yourself. It is a bit bother to do. But once you’ve done it, you will have peace of mind.

Making you aware of these questions is also part of our concerns about our clients. Reach out Stretch One Limo now to know furthermore.


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