Visit Ocean City with New Jersey Limo

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Visit Ocean City with New Jersey Limo

December 30, 2017 / 0 Comments / 192 /
Visit Ocean City with New Jersey Limo
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If you are going to New Jersey with your family, then Ocean City can be one of the top choices since it offers a family oriented resort. Ocean City is located in Cape May County, not so far from New York City.

Ocean City was named as Peck’s beach which was taken from a whaler namely John Peck. He used the island as the spot for his whaling project with his crew. Ocean City is known for the family resorts area. Some popular resorts which you can consider visiting are Francis Scott Key Family Resort, Princess Royal, Carousel, and so on.

The island is a great place to escape and enjoy your leisure time with family.  You will be wowed by the warm summer fishing camp for the Natives. Not to mention that you will enjoy the soothing experience in the cattle grazing land. Picnic spot is also much prevalent in the Ocean City. It can be accessed by the boat. Ocean City was once known as a dry area. But now the government has finalized the hotel, cottages, streets, and business. This area is now living and booming.

Since the Tabernacle was built in the Ocean City, it affects the religious decisions in the area. Due to this, the seaside resort city prohibits the sale of alcoholic drinks. That is also the reason why it is a great destination for the families. If you tag along with your kids, you can have peace of mind since you won’t need to limit your kids from alcoholic drinks.

And yes, you guessed it right. There is no bar, club, or pub for you and your close friends. It is definitely a great choice for parents and kids. Yet there are tons of attractions that you can enjoy as the traveler. The resort town offers such many attractions to keep you and your family occupied.

One of the main attractions is Beach & Boards. Ocean City has fantastic views of beaches. It is not exaggerating to name it as no.1 beach in New Jersey. Also, don’t miss the chance to visit the Boardwalk as well. You can bring your kids to the 146-feet Ferris wheel at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier. Ocean City is also popularly known for its Bountiful Nature. It offers plenty of outdoor activities.

You and your family may want to experience the thrills in the town. Ocean City also offers the Ghost Tour. You and your family will be thrilled for one and half hours and experience the goosebump when visiting some spooky places in the Ocean City. The Ghost Walk costs only $14 for adults and $8 for kids under 12.

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