The Etiquette of A Good Limo Customer

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The Etiquette of A Good Limo Customer

August 30, 2018 / 0 Comments / 28 /
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No matter what the occasion it might be, everybody would love the idea of going out in the limo using limo service. It is agreeable that riding the easy transportation is the core of the event. Although the concept is so that you will be having fun with your entourage when getting on the limo, there are some etiquettes that you need to consider. These will make sure that you earn and give the respect in this premise.

  • Not Exceed the Capacity

If you are organizing the event, you will want to make sure that the guest’s number won’t be increasing after you book the limo. Not to mention that each vehicle has the specific capacity to uphold. So, it is imperative to count the guest’s number that will join with the horde. Let the limo service provider knows so that they will be able to suggest the right vehicle for your event.

  • Allow the chauffeur to do his job.

Sometimes, your empathy wins over your position. In many cases, it seems disrespectful to handle the tasks of chauffeurs when your role is a client. For instance, you don’t want the chauffeur open the door for you. You may think that the chauffeur has done enough. In many cases, it can be an offense to the chauffeur. Make sure to allow the chauffeur to do his job.

  • Don’t argue, unless you are not wrong.

As mentioned, the point of hiring a limo service is to have fun. But there are some rules that you may or may not read before sign the contract. For instance, the passengers under age are not allowed to drink. The chauffeur will probably reprimand the adults to tell their boys or girls. Sometimes, it looks like when the teacher scolds you. At this point, arguing with the chauffeur is a silly thing. It is not a good idea to argue, moreover if you are wrong. There is no doubt it goes against limo etiquette.

Keep in mind to read all the rules. Generally, limo service won’t allow you to smoke inside the vehicles. You will want to follow this rule. It is not a good idea to abuse the driver. Although you’ve spent money, it does not mean you and your group can do something breaking the rules.

  • Sensible tips

Don’t give too much, don’t give too little. A good tip should be at least 15% of the rental fee. If you are more satisfied with the service, 20% will be significant.

There you have it. Now, you are ready to hire the limo company for your event. Contact New Jersey Limo soon for your upcoming events.

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