Between the Regular And Stretch Limo

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Between the Regular And Stretch Limo

December 26, 2018 / 0 Comments / 9 /
Regular And Stretch Limo
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The limo is undeniably the best transportation when it comes to luxury and comfort. You won’t know it until you see the factors which make the limo different in style, size, and amenities. The regular limo vehicle is usually almost similar to traditional vehicle shape like Lincoln Town-cars. The stretch limousine service NJ, on the other side, has a longer body to cater to more people.

If you are contacting your pink limo NJ provider, chances are they offer you the stretch and regular limo. While regular and time limos provide the same primary function, they are different in size and amenities.

You might have often seen the regular limo that is used by corporate commuters. They use it for airport transfers, business trips in other cities or areas, corporate events, or other ordinary occasions.

As mentioned, the difference is the size and amenities. The stretch limo is more prevalent for a larger group of passengers. It is also about larger space for gathering. The stretch limo nj vehicle is the first choice of special events like wedding, hen night, bachelor party, prom, concert, sports event, and so on. The stretch limos come from different popular brands. The top brands that you can find are Cadillac, Mercedes, Lincoln, and more.

The regular limo size may accommodate two up to 4 people. We can say it is more restricted than what the stretch limo offers. The small stretch limo can accommodate four up to 8 passengers. Some bigger stretch limo even can cater to dozens of people.

Since the regular limo has limited space, the amenities are not as complete as which stretch limo has. The stretch limo model has ample space so that it is possible to put a long list of facilities that will enhance the experience of the passengers. The standard amenities of the stretched car include the tinted windows, built-in bars, 3D sound system, plasma TVs, and many more. Not to mention that you can also customize the amenities as you wish. The good limos in nj company will help you with the ideas of the facilities and interior that will match the event that you have with your friends. The top reliable and trustworthy limo company will do everything they can to fulfill your requirements.

Before making the decision, make sure to count the members of your group. If there is a larger group to cover, consider stretch limo.

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